Saturday, August 23, 2014

E.L.F. Under Eye Concealer & Highlighter ~ Review

I've been looking for a good highlighter for under my eyes to brighten them up. I've found the perfect under-eye concealer for me, but it doesn't do much brightening up. I decided to try this to see if it was any good. 

There are two ends: a concealer, and a highlighter.

The concealer didn't cover much on me. It kind of actually caked up a bit and stayed on top of the skin. It was very thin and fairly blendable.

The wand it pink but the product is white. The highlight is very sheer and doesn't do much. I can hardly notice I've even put it on. Again, it was thin and fairly blendable but it kind of just blended away. Not a huge fan of this either.

Top: Before
Middle: Application
Bottom: After

As you can tell from the top photo to the bottom, it doesn't change much. The dark patches are still there, and it adds a bit of flaky-ness.

Price: $3 8/10
Blendability: 8/10
Coverage: 3/10
Highlight: 3/10
Lasting power: 5/10
Packaging: Lids are loose, 5/10
Overall:  5/10

I wouldn't repurchase this or recommend. It's too bad this didn't work for me, but oh well, it was only $3!
That's all, bye!

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