Wednesday, August 27, 2014

DIY Canvases & Wall Decor Inspiration

Hello there!
I've been occupying myself over the summer by painting a lot and I love it! It's really fun and inexpensive room decor! In thought I'd share some of my favorite wall art canvases and what not. I hope you enjoy! This sin;t exactly a tutorial, more like inspiration. :)

For the California outline, I just made this up on my own. I took a drawer liner (any large sticker would work) Ad cut it out in the shape of California, then painted over it, peeled it off, and added a flower for dimension!

For the graphic brand canvas, I looked up the logos of my favorite (an some random) makeup brands, drew them, and painted over.

I actually followed a YouTube tutorial for this one. All I did was paint the canvas, make pink splotches, add darker pink lines and leaves!

 I used tape to make a random pattern, filled in the sections with complimentary colors and removed the tape of course.

I got inspiration for this from a YouTube video as well. It's difficult to explain, so check out Anneorshine on YouTube!

This isn't a canvas but it's still cute! I printed out a photo of choice to fit the frame and stuck it in! Super simple!

That's all! I hope this was helpful to some of you, enjoy your day! :)

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