Wednesday, August 13, 2014

My current shower products

I have already done a What's in my shower post, but my products constantly change, so I thought I'd update it! I don't use an excessive amount of things I the shower, I usually like to narrow it down to basics and necessities. I hope you enjoy! 

I've been using the Herbal Essences Hydra-Licious & Volume Boost shampoo. Haven't noticed much difference in volume but it smells good! (same live clean clarifying shampoo as before)

For conditioner, I'm currently almost finished the Aveeno Pure renewal conditioner. This leaves my hair really soft and there's just something about it a really like!

I'm obsessed with the Aussie 3 minute miracle! It smells so amazing and leaves my hair super luscious.

I've been washing my face with the Neutrogena naturals cleanser. It's alright, nothing special, a bit overpriced.

And my favorite body wash it Tone's  mango splash. It smells so amazing and has a nice lather. 

That's currently what occupies my shower, hope you enjoyed!

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