Tuesday, April 1, 2014

What's In My Shower!

Hey everyone! 
Today I thought I'd give a peek into the products I use in my shower! I've seen many YouTube videos like this and even a few blog posts so I decided to do it myself.
Enjoy :)


I have quite a few shampoos at the moment and they all have different purposes. 
The first one is the Live Clean Apple Cider Clarifying Shampoo. I got this recently and I'm starting to like it. It smells like apples and it lathers really well. I tend to use this around the end of the week.
The enxt one I have is my everyday shampoo. After trying the travel sized version I decided to go ahead and get the full sized because I liked it!. I found it on sale for only $7 (originally $19). This smells amazing and it works well too! (full review here
The last shampoo I have is Head & Shoulders. I don't use this often but I have it just in case!


I currently have a couple of conditioners but I usually just have one. I'm just finishing the TRESemm√© one so I thought I'd toss them both in the post. 
Conditioner never really surprises me, as long and it leaves my hair soft, I like it!

These are some of the only face products I use. I prefer to wash my face in the shower because it's easier for me and it saves a bit of time. 
I've been using the Queen Helene face scrub in cocoa butter but I actually prefer the mint julip version. They both work grat though! 
I was super sad to discover they discontinued my favorite face wash: Clean & Clear's Morning Burst Fruit Infusions. I'll have to start searching for a new one to use but for now, this is what I've got.


I'm not too fussy about shaving cream, I usually go for whatever is on sale!

I'm currently using this (pink!) Gillette razor.


And lastly a have 2 body washes. I'm constantly switching up my body washes is it's rare to find me with the same body wash twice in a row.
I'm currently using the be Delectable vanilla & cream body wash and the Lush Sweetie Pie Shower Jelly!
I love 'em both!

That is all that's in my shower!

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