Sunday, April 27, 2014

April Collective Haul + What I got for my Birthday 2014! ~ 1 year Blog Anniversary!

Hello Everyone!
I started my blog 1 year ago today! I can't believe I've been blogging for a year! I wasn't really sure what to do for my 1 year post so I thought I'd just keep it simple and post a haul. This will include everything I've bought throughout April, as well as some gifts I received for my Birthday!
Huge hanks to everyone who has read my blog throughout this past year!
Birthday “Haul”:

Starting out with gifts I received from friends and family for my birthday. I'd just like to say I am extremely thankful for anyone who wished me Happy Birthday and gave me a card or gift. I didn't expect to be spoiled this much, and I am so thankful to have such great family and friends!
I am also jot trying to brag in anyway and I hope you can understand that.
Of course I had to start with the makeup & nails portion! 
I was absolutely speechless when I opened the NAKED 2 palette. I have been eying this palette for years and now I finally have it! I also received this gorgeous Revlon palette with some great neutrals. I received various beautiful nail polishes, Revlon nail buffers and the Sephora free birthday gift!
Everyone knows me so well, haha!

I received quite a few scented products. I have the Kokeshi Cheery perfume, Benefit "Rita" perfume, and the Victoria's Secret Passion Struck perfume and body butter. Everything smells so divine!

I was given some absolutely gorgeous jewelry! I cannot wait to wear all of this, everything is completely my style! First off, I got a couple of necklaces (left), from some friends which I believe are from Target. I also got a stud set which is perfect. My parents gave me this spectacular initial necklace from an Etsy shop. It is the perfect length and the chain is so dainty!

I got a few clothing items which I'm in love with. The skirt on the left is from Hollister and it fits perfectly! The hoodie is from PINK and the color is amazing! I also got a pair of no-show socks from Steve Madden. 

These two items didn't really fit into a specific category so they're just on their own!
I got a new water bottle which I'm super happy about because I really needed one! I also got a curling wand, and I cannot wait to use it. I've never had a curling wand so I'm extremely excited!

 A got a few other things that I actually just opened today, since I'm having a family dinner tonight! I was super excited to receive the Physicians Formula blush I had wanted as well as the Q&A d ay journal!

I got some food! I've already actually eaten a pack of sour cherries, haha!

Also received some gift cards which I'm looking forward to using. I've already got my eye on something at Sephora and I just ran out of my old Starbucks gift card. I also am super excited to see some new movies!

That's everythings I got for my Birthday, thank you so much to everyone!
 Moving on to what I bought during April!

I got quite a few drugstore items ,which I'm not going to go over everything because that would take forever!

I also got some new hair and body products!

I bought these mini boxes of chocolates around Easter for only $1 at Target. I probably shouldn't have got 5 but don't worry, I've only eaten 1, so far! 

A few more drugstore bits! The Apocalips is in Phenomenon.

Kind of an odd, childish purchase but I got these Smackers body mists and they smell so sweet!

I did some shopping at Urban Outfitters. I got this over-sized sweater on clearance for $30 + 30% off. I got a size way too big and it's more like a dress on me, oh well! I also got a scrunchie on sale for $2.99 + 30% off and I'm in love with it!

I got another top at Winners by the brand paper + tee. It's an adorable baby pink crop top with an incredible pattern along the bottom. 

The last thing I got, was this beautiful maxi dress from Target. I've never owned a maxi dress but I fell in love with this one. it was on sale for $25!

That's about it! I know this was a super long post, but I hope you enjoyed anyway!
Again, a big thanks to everyone who made my Birthday extra special!

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