Saturday, April 26, 2014

My Week in Pictures ~ Weekly Recap: April 20-26

I thought I'd try something new again on my blog! I've seen many people do "My week in photos" posts (or something similar) and I thought I'd give it a try. Some days turned out more eventful than others therefore some days have fewer pictures than others. I'm going to play around with the format of these kinds of posts and find what works best, (sorry if it's all over the place). I had to add some photos to collages with some filler pics to make the size more fitting. I hope this will be something I'd like to continue in the future, Enjoy!


I completely forgot to take a good photo on Sunday before it was too late! I was super disappointed since I had had a fairly exciting morning. Anyways, Sunday was Easter and I had a few treats! For lunch, We had French toast (which was absolutely delicious!) and some deviled eggs!
Here's just a picture of some mini eggs, I thought they were kind of Easter-y!
Happy (belated?) Easter to all who celebrate! =)


I went for a walk with a friend since it was such a beautiful day and we walked her dog. I've always wanted a dog and I still do, but I'm pretty sure I'm allergic to some kinds :( I also dug out some makeup products I've neglected lately, and decided to put them to use again! I think this is great to do once in a while so you're not wasting anything. It's almost like shopping your own collection!

I also finished "The Fault In Our Stars" by John Green, on Monday. This is one of my favorite books I've ever read. It is written so well and it's so emotional. 


I went out with my Mum for a bit on Tuesday. We did a bit of shopping and we picked up a couple of iced coffees (and possibly and a cheeseburger...) from McDonald's! I got the Vanilla flavor and it was delicious (only $1 too!)

 Sorry for the quality of this photo. I took it with my phone and it had a little trouble focusing, haha. This was my outfit of the day for Tuesday; I word a deep plum sweater with some shimmery threads in it from American Eagle, as well as some dark wash jeggings from American Eagle as well! It was super comfy, and I thought it looked pretty cute!

I also tried a new mascara from my Lash Sampler I received for Christmas. I'm still making my way through and I have 1 mascara left after this! I can't wait to post about them all!


I slept past my alarm and woke up a bit later than I anticipated so I had to do a 5 minute makeup look. It actually took me about 10 minutes but it still cut my usual time in half! 

It rained all day on Wednesday. It was a nice change from snow and it's been great for the grass!

 I had a delicious dinner on Wednesday, Beef Stroganoff made by my Mum which I completely forgot to photograph!


I painted my nails this gorgeous orange toned red from Covergirl glosstinis! It was odd painting the on a Thursday since I almost always paint them on Sunday. As you can see I did and awful job! The polish went ALL over my cuticles, I don't know what was wrong with me, haha!

I made myself a delicious breakfast sandwich for dinner; who says you can't have breakfast for dinner! I have to say, it was pretty amazing! ;)

I fixed up my nails a bit and they're looking a bit better. This was only 1 coat and I'm digging the color!


Friday was my Birthday! I decided to create a sundae bar. I gathered a ton of inspiration from Pinterest and added my own twist to it. I put a ton of different candies in little jam jars and assembled them with other topping on a serving tray! It was super cute and colorful! I took these pics when the tray wasn't quite complete so I added a few things such as fruit, strawberry sauce and whipped cream of course!

A few miscellaneous photos from Friday, pretty much summing up my day, haha!
I'd just like to say an amazing Birthday and thanks to anyone who contributed! :)


Not much happened today, I was extremely exhausted and tired so I hung around the house for most of the day. I popped into the mall and picked up my Birthday gift from Sephora. I also picked up this POM Tea at Target and it was delicious!
I didn't get any other photos today.

That was my week in pictures! I actually had a pretty great week and I hope you enjoyed peeking into my life!

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