Sunday, April 6, 2014

Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser REVIEW!

Hello Everyone!
I've been waiting to review the Maybelline Baby Skin for ages! I picked it up a few months ago as an impulse buy and I've been waiting to post about it since then! Different things kept getting in the way, then I completely forgot about it for a bit! Anyways, at least I'm getting around to it now! It's not exactly new anymore, but it has come out fairly recently. I believe prior to coming to North America, Baby Skin was sold in Japan (correct me if I'm wrong!). I've been using it for quite a while know and I've collected all of my thoughts about it so here's the review!

I have to say, the packaging was 98% of the reason I bought this! It completely drew me in with the bright colors and bubbly font! I am also obsessed with Baby Lips so I couldn't resist!

I bought it thinking that it was a face primer but when I brought it home, I discovered it didn't claim anywhere that it was a primer. It is supposed to minimize the appearance of pore instantly. I had never thought about of looked closely at my pores before using this product but I decided to give it a go anyways! 

I took this screenshot from the Maybelline website and it claims to visibly smooth pores away. It says you can use it alone or under foundation even thought it has no claims to prime your face. 
The first time I tried this, I was super disappointing. I looked at my face and my pores looked HUGE! It was all I noticed on my face. This also happened the next few times but I think it was all in my head. 
I took a break from using it for a while and when I tried it again I had a different result.
I made sure to look closely at my face before I applied as well as after. I didn't notice a major different but it did slightly minimize my pores. It wasn't extremely noticeable though.

Here is an "after" photo. As you can see, my pores are still visible, but they are slightly blurred. 
I can't see this being a "holy-grail" product, but it works alright for it's purpose.
This was the first pore-specializing product I'd ever tried, so I'm not really an expert in that department. 

It is a gel-like consistency and it's very thick: a little goes a long way. It's not super lightweight and it almost felt like it was laying on top of my skin. 
I've heard many great reviews on this so I'm not sure why my opinion is so different.


Price: $10 (pushing the pricey side for drugstore)
Packaging: 10/10 (very cute!)
Staying Power: N/A
Use: 6/10 (alright/average)
Would I repurchase: Not likely
Would I recommend: Probably not

I hope this review was helpful and I hope you enjoyed!
Bye! =)

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