Friday, April 4, 2014

Spring Fashion Haul!

Hey everyone!
I'm back with another haul! I have been doing some major shopping lately! After I purchased these items, I went out and bought tons more stuff within the next week, so expect more hauls this month!
I did some shopping at the mall and hit up H&M and Forever 21. 
Here's what I got!

First off, I found these gorgeous rings at H&M for only $5.95! They're really dainty and delicate. The rings are gold (not real gold, obviously at $6!) and they both have silver jewels. They're great for stacking and they go with everything!

I picked up this pink bandeau from Forever 21 because it'll be great for layering and it's a good basic to have. I like this light pink because it's neutral enough to go with a lot of tops but it's still a color as opposed to black or white.
It was on sale for only $2.80 and I kind of wish I had picked up more!

I found these shorts at H&M and thought they were super cute! I'm kind of getting ahead of myself since I won't be able to wear them for at least another 2 months, oh well! They fit me really well and they were only $14.95.

I found this cute flowy skirt at Forever 21. This is what I like about Forever 21, you can find a cute skirt for only $12.80! I decided to pick this up because most of the skirts I have a fairly winter-y.

I think these light acid wash jeans are going to be great for Spring because the majority of my pants are fairly dark. I'm really glad I decided to get these I've already been getting a ton of use out of them.

Lastly I got some black jeans because why not, I mean they were only $7! I wear my black jeggings so often I thought I'd get another pair of black bottoms. The one thing that bothers me is that these collect dust really easily.

I'd just like to add that I did purchase the H&M items with a gift card I received for Christmas from a family member. Everything else was purchased by myself.

I hope you enjoyed this haul, and let me know if you like these types of posts!

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