Saturday, April 12, 2014

Be Delectable Hair & Body Mist 4 Piece Set ~ Review!

Hello Everyone! 
I've recently been really into trying a ton of different scents and perfumes. I think it's quite fun to change up your scent once in a while. I'm building up quite the perfume collection and when I saw this set, I knew I needed to get it. I found this set at London Drugs on clearance for $8! That comes to $2 per bottle! I had heard great things about the brand and it's by "cake beauty" which usually has great products!

let's just take a moment for the packaging of these! It's so bright and colorful and it reminds me of Spring! The cupcakes just tie it all together! 

There are 4 different scents:
-Strawberry & Cream
-Lemon & Cream
-Vanilla & Cream
-Coconut & Cream

My favorite one is Strawberry & Cream! It smells so sweet and I've gotten many compliments on it! All of the scents are very sweet and creamy. They don't last forever, but they are just body mists. I re-apply once or twice and day and it's all good!

It sprays a fairly fine mist but not as fine as some body mists I've tried. 
I really like these and if were to purchase the full size of any of them, I would definitely choose Strawberry!


Packaging: 10/10!
Claims to: Last all day and leave you smelling fresh and clean. True for the most part, but it doesn't last all day.
Scent range: Average/Fair (Only 4 scents in the whole Be Delectable line)
Lasting Power: 8/10
Price: (full size around $12) 8/10
Would I repurchase: Yes, and I probably will!
Would I recommend: Yes!
Overall: 9/10

I hope this review was helpful and you enjoyed!
Bye for now!

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