Saturday, November 1, 2014

October favorites 2014

I meant to get this up last night, however it slipped my mind to pre-schedule the post! Better late than never! Recently I haven't been using too many new products but I did switch up my makeup slightly throughout the month.

First off, I've been using the NYX Boheme Chic palette and creating some different matte looks. I reviewed this palette a while back and mentioned the pigmentation isn't great. I still made it work though by building up the shadows a bit more. I mostly gravitated towards the grey, darker browns and the lighter shades. 

After shaving my legs, I love apply this coconut body butter all over them. it makes them so smooth and it smells great! I'm nearly done this so you'll probably be seeing this in my November empties!

I've had these imPRESS nails on for the past week and all but 2 nails have lasted those whole 6 days! I got many questions on if they were gel nails!

I love the packaging on this lip gloss! It's such a pretty color and I just started using it this month!

I've been using the Versace bright crystal perfume a lot lately. It's less of a Summer-y scent which is the majority of what I have.

I found one of my new favorite products in October! Maybelline's Brow Drama is perfect for when I'm running late.

I have a love/hate relationship with my lashes! They're very stubborn and difficult to build up volume. I really like Lancome's Hypnose Drama mascara because it's very easy for me to use!

A couple of Halloween favorites of mine were the Wet n Wild Stoplight red lipstick and liquid lipstick! These are great for creating fake wounds!

Those are all of my favorites for the month of October!

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