Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Mid-month fashion & beauty haul!

Hauls are one of my favorite types of posts! I love previewing all of the new products I've got ready to review! I will be reviewing or featuring in a post most, if not all, of the products in this haul! I'd been doing a bit of shopping a bit, and accumulating stuff, as you do, so I figured I'd share!

I picked up a few hair products since I've been quite into hair lately! The Dove dry shampoo will be no surprise considering this is my favorite dry shampoo! I came across a Garnier Fructis sale and figured I'd grab a couple of things. These were each $3. I picked up the new Texture Tease and I love it for teasing my hair! I also bought their leave-in-conditoner. I love leave in cream for wet hair, they help detangle.

I was also in need of some skincare products. I finally found the Lush Tea Tree Water in stock. I began to break out after I ran out of it. I heard castor oil helps with lash growth so I thought I'd give it a try. I also tried a new night cream that I reviewed in my last post!

Moving on to some more exciting stuff, I picked up this set of limited edition Baby Lips from Walmart for $7! There are two shades of red and they're gorgeous. I also got a new brow gel from elf which I can't remember if I showed in my last haul. I needed a new beauty sponge so I picked one up from Winners for more affordable.

I got this unique, mustard-colored sweater from H&M for only $12.95! It's fairly soft and oversized.

I have trouble wearing leggings since they never fit right so I tried out some new pairs from Winners. The purple pair is by 90 degree by reflex and the grey pair by RBX. They were each $25!

Lastly I got the new Taylor Swift CD (love it!) And a knit scarf from H&M.

That's about it! Have a great day :)

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