Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Makeup tips for brown eyes

I find it's harder to find colors that look with brown eyes than with blue eyes. Maybe I'm just biased, but I feel like blue eyes look good with anything! I'm sure there's struggles with any eye colors so I thought I'd share what shades I find look best with brown eyes since I have brown eyes. I most likely won't do one of these for blue eyes since I don't have any experience with that but I hope your enjoy this one!

Neutral & metallic shadows
I know I mention this all the time, but I truly love the Naked 2 palette! it goes so well with my brown  eyes and can create natural and dramatic looks.
Deep plum shades
Deep plum shadows and liners look great with brown eyes! It's a great way to add a pop of color without clashing.
Gold shadows
Gold shades also look great with brown eyes. Half Baked from Urban Decay is a great, intense gold.

Copper shadows
Copper shadows look great especially when mixed with gold shadows. They compliment brown eyes perfectly!

Navy or cobalt liner
I love wearing navy liner from my upper lash line down to my lower lash line. It's another way to incorporate color. 

White liner
White liner not only makes your eyes look bigger but it also goes great with any eye color.

Those are my favorite tips for making my eye pop! Thanks for taking the time to read! :)

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