Thursday, November 6, 2014

How to keep your purse smelling nice

Ever find your purse smelling kind of off? It's super easy to get it back to smelling great in no time! This is a tip my Mom told me when we were perfume shopping together and I've used it ever since. Not only can you use this tip for your purse, you can also use it for your clothes in drawers!

It's super easy, all you need is some card stock cut into a small square and your favorite perfume! All you do is spray the card stock a couple of times and toss it in your purse. This gives off a light scent of your favorite perfume and makes your purse smell great! Replace when you notice the scent dulling & feel free to switch up the scents!

 You can also toss this in your drawers to make your clothes smell nice! It's also fun to spray perfume on the tester cards at the store and use that too! Then you can try scents you don't even have at home.

I hope this little tip was helpful!

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