Sunday, November 23, 2014

Lip balm hoarder: Lip balm collection

I would definitely say lip balm is my favorite beauty product. I apply it at least 10 times a day and buy it way too often! As you can tell, Nivea is probably my favorite brand but I love trying a ton of new brands. I keep it in my purse, by my bed, at my vanity, everywhere! Anyways this is a collection of all of the lip balms I could find in my house!

I've got 6 Nivea stick lip balms. I don't like the sun balm, it makes my lips look a little too white and pale. My favorite lip balm of all time is the essential one! I also really like their Lip Smoothie, it's slightly tinted.

I have a coupled of eos balms, I used to have way more but naturally,  finished them. I prefer the coconut milk visibly smooth one to the sweet mint but overall eos isn't my favorite.

More Nivea balms, I have all four lip butter and I love them all! The original one is my favorite!

I don't really like either of these since they're both extremely thick and sticky. And the carmex one has an odd scent that doesn't appeal to me. 

The lemon lip cream is from Bath and Body Works however I don't use it since it separated or something and now is very thin like a liquid. I also haven't really used the vitamin e lip therapy I purchased at Daiso. 

Lastly I've got a vanilla lip smacker and a clear Baby Lips. I have WAY more Baby Lips but I thought I'd only share the colorless one.

Those are all of my lip balms! I definitely used to have more but I've cut down a bit. Lip balm will always have a special place in my heart! haha, bye now!

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