Saturday, November 8, 2014

Sonia Kashuk 15th Anniversary Nail Polish Collection

I had so much trouble getting a photo out of the outer packaging since it was so shiny and kept showing a glare and reflection! All of the photos looked a bit odd so I'll just be showing the photos without the outer packaging. It wasn't that special anyways, just a clear top with the brand, |Sonia Kashuk, and "15th anniversary" 

This came with 15 mini nail polishes and it was on clearance at Target for $10! That's $0.75 per bottle! I was so happy to find this and couldn't pass it up! Most of the shades are red, pinks and purples but there are a few different shades. Most of the shades are colors I have nothing like already! The brush on these are fairly large (not quite as large as Insta Dri). I've tried the green polish and it took 2 coats to look opaque! It chipped withing the first 2/3 days however most polishes do on me.

None of the polishes have shade names which is too bad. I really like all of the polishes and they're all very Fall & Spring like! I would definitely recommend checking out your local Target for some great deals like this!


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