Saturday, October 4, 2014

Tips for organizing your life!

As you my know, organizing is one of my many passions! I'm obsessed with organizing my room, my life, makeup etc.. Today I'm going to talk about my favorite ways to keep my life organized and stay put together. These are things that work for me and not all of these tips will work for everyone but I hope they'll help!

TIP #1! Schedule your week!

I found this huge weekly sticky note pad at Michaels for less than $2!I write down each event or task I need to complete and then I can see it all at once! You can also use a calender for this but I find this easier to lay on my desk!

I also keep a smaller note pad for things I need to remember and I write down random thigns that come to mind. 

TIP #2! Keep a planner!

I never got a 2014 planner, so I decided to make my own to finish off the year! I used an old binder and slipped in this DIY collage in the front cover.

I like the weekly planners because you can have a lot of space to plan the week. 

I also have some extra paper in the back. My planner allows me to look ahead at important dates in the future and see what I need to prepare for.

TIP #3! Keep a blog schedule! (If your have a blog, of course)

I keep a monthly schedule of when & what I'm going to post throughout the month. I look at it daily and cross of what I've accomplished. I also keep a list of post ideas too. Sometimes I switch around the order of posts, but usually, I stick to the schedule.

TIP #4! Don't procrastinate!

Don't leave things to the last minute. That leads to stress and you'll be rushing to complete your task. Set reminder on your phone of write them down on sticky notes to remind yourself to take the time to work on your task. Do a little bit everyday and it won't feel like such a workload.

TIP #5! Take time to yourself!

If your feeling stressed or feeling like you don't have the time. take a few hours or even a day to organize yourself. Turn of the TV, leave your phone and grab a snack. Relax and figure out what your need to get done!

I hope the organization tips were helpful! Feel free to leave any questions or comments below!

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