Monday, October 13, 2014

Brows! Brows! Brows!

I've really been into brows lately even though I know mine aren't the best! I didn't used to do much with them but I've been trying some different ways of filling them in. My eyebrows aren't very full & they don't have the best shape but I try to work around it! Here's how I fill in my brows and some other brow tips I love!

Filling them in
So first I'll start with my basic, daily brow routine. I start by combing them through with a little spooley brush. Once they're in the shape I like, I lightly fill them in with NYC's brow pencil in dark brown. I only fill in the sparse spots and I lightly shape the inner corner of them since it's very sparse there.  To finish them off, I set them with the elf wet gloss lash & brow mascara. This holds the shape and tames any crazy hairs!

If I want to get a bit more dramatic, I'll fill them in with the elf brow kit. Starting with wax/gel, I shape my brows a bit and fill them in. Then I top it with the powder and set it again with brow gel.

Shaping them
For shaping my brows, I try to pluck as little as possible. I've only gotten them waxed once but I may get them waxed again at some point. I start by plucking any obvious hairs that don't interfere with the shape of the brow. If there are any hairs close to the shape I leave them. I pluck my brows about every 1-2 weeks or when I notice they need doing. 

Making them last
My favorite way to make them last is brow gel, as I said! But if you don't have brow gel hairspray works just fine! All you do is spray a spooley brush with a bit of hairspray and brush through your brows. I used to do this all the time before I found the elf brow gel!

Natural look
When I'm doing natural makeup, I don't want bold brows, to make my brows a little lighter I use much lighter stroke with the brow pencil and I don't try the shape the inner corner. Another method that look natural is powder. Check out my last  Brow Routine for more tips!

That's all! I hope this was somewhat helpful! Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

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