Thursday, October 23, 2014

Bad hair day

We all have those days where we either wake up late, or wake up with some absolutely troublesome hair. This happens to me on most days! Here are some of my favorite ways to deal with hair that won't agree with you.

1. Dry shampoo. This is probably the key to getting your hair to cooperate. It will soak up oils making your hair look fresher as well as add texture to your hair.

2. Tease it. After I apply dry shampoo, I like to add some volume by teasing it. My hair is very flat so this is much needed. This will make it look like you hair is full and voluminous.

3. Pin it back. If a piece of hair is bothering you, pin it back! If it bothers you now, chances are it will annoy you throughout the day so just deal with it while you can!

4. Put a bow on it. Adding accessories can distract from your bad hair days. If you pin up teasted hair with a bow, it looks super cute!

5. Straighten or flat iron curl. Don't bother sectioning your hair, just straighten or curl a few peices on the top and add some dry shampoo/hairspray for texture.

6. Throw it up. Whether you prefer a bun or a ponytail, getting it up and out of your face will hopefully allow to forget about it.

7. Wear a hat. If all else fails, wear a hat! 

I hope this tips were helpful! Have an amazing day! =)

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