Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Last-minute Halloween costume ideas! (Quick & simple!)

I'm definitely a procrastinator when it comes to, well, everything! I usually wait till the week before to plan my Halloween costume! I thought I'd share some ideas for super simple and quick costume ideas! Most of these use items you may already have.

-Red & white striped top
-Red/Red & white hat
-Glasses (optional!)

Where's Waldo costumes are super cute, classic and easy to put together!

-Red dress
-Clip-on bangs (if you don't already have bangs!)
-Brown hair spray (if you don't have brown hair of course!)
-Black sandals
-Sticker paper to create the design on Lilo's dress

Lilo from Lilo & Stich is super cute but takes a tiny bit longer with the DIY dress

-Black & white striped top
-Black hat
-Black mask
-"Money" bag

All you really need to be burglar is the top and hat but if you want your costume to be more noticeable, wear a black eye mask and carry around a pillow case with a "$" on it!

-Red & white polka dot dress (or some type of outfit using red, white, & black with polka dots)
-Minnie ears
-Black/red/yellow shoes

Minnie Mouse is super adorable and simple for a last-minute costume

-Graphic tee
-"Leather" vest or jacket
-Edgy/distressed jeans
-Combat/moto boots
-Bandana (optional)

A biker chick is a bit more on the edgier side. It's last-minute yet still unique!

-Baseball tee
-Baseball hat

All you've got to do is wear a baseball tee & hat with some socks sticking out of your sneakers!

Those are all of my costume ideas for this year! I hope it helps all of you last-minute people! :)

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