Thursday, October 9, 2014

Fall beauty essentials

I always reach for different products as the seasons change and I love sharing them with you! I thought I'd share my Fall beauty essentials of the year! I haven't been wearing too much makeup lately but I still love playing around with it!

1. A good foundation

I love Benefit's Hello Flawless for a fall foundation. I didn't wear much face makeup over the summer but I'm starting to need it again. This wears well and has great coverage!

2. A matte bronzer

Shimmering bronzes are great for summer but I prefer something matte for the fall. Since 've lost all of my color from the summer, I love lightly contouring and bronzing my skin. 

3. A darker lipstick

I love playing around with darker lip colors during the fall. I love NYX's tea rose as well as Wet n' Wild's bare it all.

4. A bronze eyeshadow

I the Benefit cream shadow in Birthday Suit. It a super gorgeous bronze shade and it lasts all day!

5. A brown liner

Brown eyeliner are lot less harsh and really go with all of the warm fall colors. This gel liner by elf is the perfect color!

 That's about it! Enjoy your day!

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