Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Small open wound tutorial (Using household items!)

Today is definitely a step out of the box for me! I've never done a Halloween tutorial or anything even close to this before! I love playing around with makeup during the Halloween time and I thought I'd share a bit! I love finding things around the house to substitute for professional tools. I thought I'd keep it simple for today and just show a small wound tutorial. I'm not perfect in any way and could definitely use some improvement but it's all for fun in the end! I hope you enjoy and please let me know if you'd like me do do any other Halloween-themed posts!

Materials shown: Small cloth, plastic knife, Maybelline FIT me face powder, Covergirl 3 in 1 foundation, Wet n Wild stoplight red lipstick, elf black eyeliner, lip palette, various brushes, Lip smackers clear gloss, NYX blush in peach, glue stick, Mac fix+, Q-tips.

The materials you will need aren't exact. Feel free to swap out some things for others you feel will work better or for things you already have on hand! The main things you will need are a glue stick, red lipstick, black liner/eyeshadow, foundation, and a plastic knife or something similar.
I'd also like to apologize in advance for my chipped nails! *cringe*

I placed the "wound" on my hand as is was a flat and fairly easy surface to work on but you can place it wherever you please! I prepped my hand by cleaning it with rubbing alcohol so that the glue will stick better.

First, lay a glob of the glue stick onto the desired area. Smooth down with a spatula or plastic knife. If it's difficult to smooth, dip the knife in water first. After it's smooth (mine was a bit too round and raised) make a slit down the center with a toothpick. Don't make this too perfect since it is a cut.

To add some texture, place a little bit of cotton, either from a cotton ball or cotton swab, and smooth it down with the plastic knife.

To make it look a bit more like skin, cover the glue with a layer of foundation or concealer, Re-trace the cut and powder it all to set and mattify. Apply a matte blush around the edges to add an irritated look. Be sure to use only matte products throughout the whole wound so it looks as natural as possible.

The next steps have to do with personal preference. Tweak the look and "design" it to your preference. I colored the whole wound red then added depth to the cut with a black liquid liner. To make the liner less harsh, I went back in with red lipstick and played around with it. Darker red looks more realistic than bright red lipstick red!

This is the fun part (to me at least)! I added a taupe/brown shade around he edges to show a bit of bruising. Then I diluting red food coloring with a tiny bit of water and added that to the center and blended it around. I also added some clear lip gloss for a really gross, fresh look! I also smeared the food coloring (or you could use fake blood) around the cut to look as if it dripped and spread.

A few other things I did wear distress the wound  bit with a toothpick and spray it with MAC's Fix+ to make it last a bit longer.

I think I made the mistake of making the wound too raised from the skin and making the shape a bit too "perfect". I hope you can get some inspiration from this and possibly try this out for Halloween!
Bye! :)

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