Saturday, October 18, 2014

Recent buys

Recently I've been doing a bit of shopping, not too much but just picking up a few things here and there. It thought I'd share the things I've got since I found a few deals!

I found a bunch of great deals at Walmart. Behind all of the hair products, there's a clearance rack that I love to pick through. I found a ton of L'Oreal nail stickers o sale for $3! I loved the one in "Something about her". I also found a body mist on for only $1.40! It doesn't last long but the orange mango scent smells amazing! I also found this 3 pack of hair clips for a dollar!

I had been wanting to try pore strips for a while and when I found them in a pack with a free sample of the self heating mask, I thought I'd give it a go. It was about $7/$8 for both. I also found a new Maybelline product at Walmart. I'm pretty proud of myself for finding a new product before I heard about it online since that never happens!It's the Maybelline Brow drama tinted brow gel! I can't wait to review this since I've already tried it once! I also got a Sally Hansen black polish!

I got a new body wash and it smells amazing! it's the Nivea shower cream in Orange Blossom. I also found some Prestige products on sale at the drugstore. I found 2 eyeliners for $1.96 each!

That's it! I love finding deals and I spent less than $40 on all of this!
Bye =)

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