Sunday, October 19, 2014

New at the drugstore!

I also tell myself I'm going to find new items at the drugstore for a post, but whenever I go to the drugstore, I never find anything new! I finally found some new stuff I hadn't heard of and can't wait to share it. I also decided to show some things I hadn't seen before, even though they weren't exactly new!

First of all, I found a new brow products by Maybelline! It's a tinted brow gel called Brow drama. It reminds me of a drugstore version of Benefit's Gimme Brow! I've never seen anything like this at the drugstore and I picked one up myself. These retailed for about $9.99 I believe!

Another Maybelline product I found,w as a new Great Lash mascara. This one is called Real Impact! It cost $4.96. I didn't try this one out but let me know if you have!

Rimmel came out with some new lip products that remind me of Baby Lips. I believe they're called Keep Calm Lip Balm. The display had about 4 or 5 shades but I didn't pick one up since they looked quite sheer. These were about $2.96!

Flower beauty came to Canadian Walmarts! I had known about Drew Barrymore's makeup line called Flower beauty but I had never been able to try it. I found a display at my Walmart and was so excited! I still didn't buy anything since nothing caught my eye, but I'm glad to know it's there.

I found an NYC Halloween display at the drugstore. It had a few polishes, lashes, eyeliner, mascara and some lipsticks. It was a cute display and it was all very affordable.

Sally Hansen also had a Halloween display called costumize your nails. It had 3 Halloween themed Intsa-Dri polishes, a top coat, some fuzzy coats and some nail stickers.

I also found a Wet n' Wild display with some beauty essentials like brushes, sharpeners and makeup wipes. The packaging was all super cute and nothing was over $4! Again, I didn't get anything but oh well!

A few other things I found while I was out were Prestige cosmetics on sale and the Balm cosmetics. 

That's all I found while I was out! Hope you enjoyed! =)

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