Thursday, March 12, 2015

What's on my iPad

I've had the idea to share a "What's on my iPad post" for a little while now and I'm finally making it happen! There's loads of YouTube videos like this but I haven't come across any blog posts of it (not to say there aren't any). I just thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite apps and what not. I apologize about the glare and reflection on the screen, it was kind of unavoidable. Also, these photos were pre-taken, hence the earlier date. I don't own an iPhone which is why I enjoy my iPad so much. I love that I now have the ability to download apps and use features that don't come on android phones. I did receive this as a Christmas gift and I couldn't be more thankful. I use it so often and I love it! Hope you enjoy!

 The background is one that comes with the iPad, I thought it was colorful and simple.
On the first page, I have the basic apps that come with the iPad (Facetime, Calendar, Music, photos, Contacts, Clock, Maps, Videos, Notes, Reminders, Photo Booth, iTunes Store, App Store, Settings). I then have Snapchat & Youtube, followed by a few folders.

 The first folder is my Photo folder. I use this to edit my photos, mainly for Instagram. Sqauready allows you to show wide angle photos in a square format or add a white border to your photos.
Aviary has a bunch of filters & stuff. VSCOcam has my favorite filter! I love T1.
Litely also has a ton of filter. I don't really use this app too often. Makr is a really cool app that lets you design logos & labels. It's a great app if you enjoy design. I use Pic Stitch to create collages.
ProCam XL is an app I haven't really played around with much. It mainly has a bunch of filters.
Photo Editor- is extremely similar to Aviary. If I'm ever looking for a B&W filter I always use Simple B&W. You can adjust so much to make your photo perfect!

 I have a couple more apps in this folder.
I like to play around with SloPro on occasion for some interesting slow motion videos. I don't really use it, but I have Fisheye in case I want to take a fish eye photo.

 The next folder is my Lifestyle folder.
In here I've got BuzzFeed which I'm obsessed with when I need to kill some time. I also have Puffin Free which allows you to use flash during the "free hours". I have Scrabble which I never use and should probably delete. Then I have IMDb to search up movies & actors. I enjoy looking at horoscopes on DailyHoroscope sometimes. I have the Yahoo Weather app, mainly for planning my outfits! And I also have Spotify for listening to music in the shower.

 In my Social folder, I have Blogger, Bloglovin', Vine, Pinterest (Follow me if you like!), as well as Twitter. I currently only have a personal Twitter but I'm thinking of creating one for my blog!

 I love my Health folder! In here I keep my Blogilates app which is amazing for fitness motivation. I also have a Photo Vault app for my fitness progress pictures. I keep the Popsugar Active app as well as the SWORKIT lite app in case I'm look for some workout ideas. Lastly I have MyFitnessPal which is great for keeping track of meals. I don't really count calories but it's nice to see a guideline.

 I only have one more page with 2 folders on it.

 The first folder is my Shopping folder! To be honest, I don't use these apps too often but they're convenient to have for quick browsing. I've got Sephora, Red Flag (coupons and deals), Lululemon (which I recently deleted) and Forever 21.

 Lastly, I have an Extras folder with a ton of apps I never use that came with the iPad.

 And that's it! I have a white iPad mini and I believe it's 32 g.

I hope you enjoyed :)

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