Saturday, March 7, 2015

OPI Trend on Ten

I've never really tried many OPI polishes before, so receiving this as a Christmas gift was the perfect opportunity. I had always been a China Glaze fan but recently noticed their polishes not lasting as long on me. This little gift set comes with 10 mini OPI polishes. There's a slight variety to the shades however they are mostly red & pink.

After trying a few of these polishes, I fell in love. The formula applies so nicely and smooth. I didn't notice any chipping until the 2nd or 3rd day and my nails usally chip within the 1st.
The thing I wasn't too fond of in this set was the abundance of reds. Red nails look great but they are the MOST work ever! They are so difficult to apply and perfect and removing the polish is a NIGHTMARE. This set came with 4 red polishes and 1 super dark purple that is almost black. Other than that, I really like the set. 

I actually already had one of these shades (Lincoln Park After Dark) in full sized so it was perfect to compare. The minis in this set are quite small. I've only used some of them once so I can't say how long they last but I can't see them lasting longer than 2-4 uses. Most of the polishes need about 2 coats.

This would be great as one gift or to split up as two! This was their holiday 2014 kit but I believe it is still available on some sites and in some stores. I actually saw some on clearance at Winners the other day.

The shades I've tried are Haven't The Foggiest, Bubble Bath, Tickle My Francey, Princesses Rule! & Lincoln Park After Dark.
My favorites are Tickle My Francey and Haven't The Foggiest. Tickle My Francey is the perfect mauve neutral shade. It is such a smooth shade that works with any outfit and season.

 Haven't The Foggiest

(Chipped) Bubble Bath. Accent: Princesses Rule!

Overall, I think this set it great for anyone wanting to try some OPI polishes. I believe it costs around $20 which isn't bad for 10 polishes.
I would definitely recommend this if you can still get your hands on it! If you can't get this kit definitely try out some OPI polishes.

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  1. I totally think it's a good deal, even if each polish lasts only 2-4. That way you can find a favorite & then invest in that specific one.

    :] // ▲ ▲