Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Makeup Starter Kit

 When your just starting out with makeup, you really don't need a full face of makeup. Going into the drugstore to pick out products can be a bit overwhelming. This starter kit isn't only for people just starting out, it's also a great "back it basics" kit. So whether you're just getting into makeup or you're already a professional, here are some ideas for a super simple everyday makeup look.

 For face, I wouldn't recommend going straight for a foundation. If you feel you need a little more coverage try a BB cream. Really, all you need is a little concealer if that. My favorite is Maybelline's FIT me. It's light enough for under the eyes but it has enough coverage to cover up blemishes. 
If you're looking to add a bit of color a cheek stain is perfect! this one from Tarte isn't from the drugstore but I'm sure you could find an alternative at the drugstore.
If you're going to get 1 brush, get a powder brush. You'll be able to use it for your face powder, bronzer, blush & more. This one by real techniques is very soft and works really well.

 You really don't need a ton of eyeshadow or eyeliner when your just going for basics. I love this trio by NYX. It has a few really neutral shades that just brighten up your eyes.
For mascara, you only need 1 but I'm showing a few just for options. Great Lash lot's of lashes is a really good one for only around $4. I also really like the Falsies Flared by Maybelline and L'Oreal's Voluminous.

For lips, I love tinted balms and nude glosses. This balm by L'OReal is a pale peach shade that adds a lot of shine and moisture. I also love this Revlon gloss. It adds just the right touch of color.

That's all for my little "makeup starter kit". I hope this was helpful!

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