Thursday, September 25, 2014

Spice up your room... for Fall!

I love decorating my room according to the seasons and fall is my favorite for room decor! It just creates a warm and cozy atmosphere! I usually get the majority of my decor at the dollar store since it's cute & cheap! Plus it's only up for a couple of months so I don't feel the need to shell out tons of money on it. Some of my decor is from past years and I also made a trip to Dollar Tree. Enjoy and I hope this gives you some inspiration!

1. Add decorative pillows!
Adding fall-colored or fall-themed pillows to your bed can make the world of difference to your normal room

2. Add statement pieces to plain shelves!
Adding a statement piece like this glitter pumpkin from Dollarama, can jazz up your space and add some color to a dull & plain space. 

3. Bring on the candy!
Who doesn't like a bit of candy? Adding a small dish-full, such as this one from the dollar section at Target, can allow guests to grab a treat or even just look cute as a decoration.

4. Play around with different colors and styles!

This owl from Dollarama is a bit darker and not as "cute" per say. It's add a bit of variation to the room.

5. Fall-themed bouquets!
I love placing fake bouquets around the room. It adds a ton of color and brings so much to the theme! The firs tone is from Dollarama and the one above from Dollar Tree.

6. The finishing touches!
Small & subtle accents are your best friend! Scatter leaves, or add small pumpkin. Hang a wreath or a sign. Have fun with it!

That's it! Enjoy decorating :)

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