Wednesday, September 3, 2014

How I blog

So after posting on how I take my blog photos, I thought I'd carry on with the theme and share how I blog! It's nothing too special but I enjoy reading posts like this to see how others blog differently. I thought it would be a fun little non-beauty post!

So basically, to start the whole thing off, I plan my posts ahead of time. Around the end of each month and draw myself a little calender (I should probably get a planner) and schedule all of my posts for the month. I didn't take pictures of this considering it pretty messy and all over the place.

I keep a notebook of all of my blog ideas, schedules, and notes. First I write a list of all of the posts I want to accomplish throughout the month, then I work with my personal schedule to see when I should post each one. I plan it all out of my little calender and I'm good to go! If I have a have a busy day or week (example: vacation), I'll write the post in advance and schedule it but often I write the posts the same day I post them.

Around the same time I plan my posts, I'll look and see which posts I can take photos for before hand. Some posts I need to take photos for on the day I post them or later. For things like reviews and such, I will take a chunk out of my day and take a bunch of photos at once. It saves me a lot of time especially since I use natural lighting. If you wanna see how I take my blog photos, check out my post on it! 

After I take my photos, I'll upload them to my computer and overview them. I take a lot of photos so I delete the bad ones and keep the good ones!

After I pick though my photos, I occasionally pull them up on and edit them a bit. Nothing drastic, usually just adjusting the highlights and shadows. On some photos I'll add overlays and text but that's all covered in my How I take my blog photos post!
After that, I'll sit down and write my posts! I usually like to do it without distractions but sometimes, I'll put on a playlist in the background. I'll add my photos, write my post, add some labels and then post it or schedule it!

That's about all I do! I hope this was enjoyable and/or helpful to some of you!
Bye now :)

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