Saturday, September 20, 2014

My Week in Picture ~ Weekly Recap: September 14-20

I really enjoyed the first weekly recap I did back in April and have been wanting to bring it back for quite some time! I finally found the time and can't wait to be doing this! My week wasn't too thrilling but I hope it's still enjoyable to see.  Here's some photos from the past week! Check out my last weekly recap here!


Sunday was a bit of a "cleaning day", so I washed my makeup brushes. I hadn't done it for a while and it was well due. If you want to know how I wash them I've got a post on it!

I also cleaned the bathroom, which is pretty boring stuff.

I decorated my room for fall which was fun! Sneak peek for an upcoming post! ;)


On Monday, I had some delicious pumpkin cheesecake muffins with candied pumpkin seeds on top. They were absolutely amazing!

I painted my nails on Saturday with the Sally Hansen miracle gel polish and by Monday they looked like this... I was quite disappointed.

I tried the new lipstick I bought from wet n' wild and I really like it! It's in the shade bare it all.

I also wore my new hat on Monday. I don't usually wear hats so it was a nice change for me!


On Tuesday, I had chicken pitas for dinner and it was really good!

I found a perfect apple with the leaf and all!


By Wednesday my nails were looking really rough.

I had some ramen for a snack. I really love ramen but I don't have it often so it was a nice change!


I went to Target and noticed a new collection by L'Oreal. I believe it was Collection PRIVEE.

I got a t shirt dress that was on sale for $10!


On Friday, I tanned my legs since they are SO pale!

Then I went out for dinner with friends and got Caesar salad with Cajun chicken at Earls.  It was really good, I was pleasantly surprised!

The sky was looking rather beautiful that evening!


I woke up to some freshly baked chocolate chip cookies! They were amazing!

I went to Walmart and everything Wet n' Wild was on sale! Also the Revlon lipsticks were only $3.94 or something around that.

 I ended up getting these Sobe drinks on sale for $1 each, a glade room spray for $1, a mango mandarin body spray for $1.40, the new seventeen magazine and some L'Oreal nail stickers for $3. The drinks weren't all for me but they were super sweet so I regret buying 4!

That's about all that happened this week! I hope you had a great week too!
Bye :)

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