Thursday, September 18, 2014

My current morning & night routines!

My morning and night routines are actually quite simple but I thought I'd share them anyways. I think it's fun to see what other people to get ready and what not! I hope you enjoy!

 First thing in the morning after I stumble to my desk, I'll apply some facial lotion and lip balm. Both are by Nivea and I love 'em both!

For makeup, it's pretty similar to my Face of the day post back in August! The only differences are that I add some of the Benefit Hello Flawless oxygen wow foundation and I don't use eyeliner!

And of course I can't forget deodorant! I'm loving Secret's Paris scent!

Fast forward to the evening! I shower at night since I hate blow-drying my hair. 

 I actually take my makeup off before I shower! And after I spray my Lush Tea Tree Water all over my face and apply more face cream.

Then I apply some lotion, usually just to my hands & feet since I'm lazy. And also some lip balm.

I then write in my Q&A journal and my daily journal. It's a great way to relax and reflect on the day. I also write down 3 things I'm thankful for each day and something I'm looking forward to to keep positive thoughts going!

 By then I'm usually pretty tired, to I turn out the light and fall asleep! 

That's it, Bye! :)

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