Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Fall lookbook ~ part 1

So, since fall is my favorite season for fashion, I felt like I had to do a look book. I devoted a day to taking my fall fashion photos and I'm really happy with how they turned out. I had to turn this into more than one post since I ended up with way more photos than expected. I'll be showing 1-2 outfits in each part so it doesn't end here! I hope you find some inspiration from this & enjoy! If you wanna see more of my style check out my fashion board on Pinterest!

Cool tones & warm layers

light hoodie~ TNA
corduroy vest~ Forever 21
dark wash jeggings~ American Eagle
black slip-ons~ TOMS

Plaid is the new black

plaid flannel~ Winners
maroon light hoodie~ Winners
dark wash jeggings~ American Eagle
taupe booties~ Winners

As you can tell I buy the majority of my clothing at Winners! They often have "dupes" for more expensive clothing items and their prices are great! That's about it, I hope you enjoyed!
have an amazing day!

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