Monday, September 8, 2014

Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss ~ Pink Pop

So yet again, I'm getting up a (late) short blog post! I am very sorry and I'm sure October will be a much more reliable month. September is always busy and with me being sick this weekend, I got behind a bit. Anyways, I actually got this lip gloss free with a box of tampons! Kind of funny but it was a sweet deal!

It's in the shade Pink Pop and it's your classic hot pink. I had the choice between this and a nude gloss but I don't actually have anything like this!

I don't have any Revlon glosses so this was my first try. It wasn't sticky which I LOVE! It wasn't moisturizing but it wasn't sticky so I'll take it! It was fairly sheer but colorful at the same time. it gave quite the pink pop without being a full color lip product.

That's all! I hope I can keep up with my posts for the future!
Bye, now :)

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