Sunday, June 15, 2014

What's in my summer bag?

As you can probably tell, I'm unusually excited for summer this year! I've planned a ton of summer themed posts and I can't wait to get them all up. I plan on accomplishing a ton this summer and taking tons of photos to share! I posted my Bag Essentials around this time last year, and although not much has changed, I thought I share what's in my summer bag anyways! I don't carry a lot in the summer, as a like my bag to be fairly lightweight. Also a cross-body is a must for summer traveling & shopping!

Starting off with my purse, it's a back cross-body from Call it Spring. It has a front pocket, a back pocket, and a main pocket. It matches everything but doesn't fit a lot. It is very slim and I am currently searching for a more flexible bag that can hold a bit more. In the front pocket, I keep my phone but I didn't photograph that.

It looks a bit tacky, but I've got a mini PocketBac just in case! Sometimes when I'm eating out I can't find a place to wash my hands so this is my last resort. Always a good thing to have on hand.

In the back pocket, I keep some tissues just in case! Same package as last years, I just refill it!

The inside has a cute black and white polka dot pattern.

Of course, you've gotta keep gum, in case you need to freshen up! Also a mini perfume to touch up. And my nails constantly break and I can't stand it so a nail file is a must for me.

I've got a compact mirror for emergency touch ups, and some hand cream for when my hands get dry.

I've got a Minimergency kit which has everything from stain remover, to a sewing kit, to hairspray, it's a lifesaver! I've also got a pen, just in case!

Lastly, I've got my wallet and sunnies! I really need a new wallet. I've been searching for on for over a year and I can't find the one for me! These sunnies from Target are my favorite! I love 'em!

I also keep a lip balm but other than that, that's all that's in my summer bag!
I hope you enjoyed, catch you on Tuesday! (hint, bronze up for summer ;)
Bye :)

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