Friday, June 27, 2014

My Maybelline Collection! Best & Worst

Hello Everyone!
My mind drew a blank trying to brainstorm ideas for today's post. I ended up coming up with the idea of doing a makeup brand collection and showing the best and worst of my collection. I decided to start with Maybelline as it's one of my favorite drugstore brands! I hope you enjoy this new little segment/idea!

Starting with face, I've got 3 products!
Dream Fresh BB Cream: Around $9.99 This product has an amazing SPF of 30 and it's very lightweight! It doesn't provide much coverage but it blurs the skin and has moisturizing benefits. 8.5/10

Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser: Around $9.99 This wasn't one of my favorites from Maybelline. I feel like it very slightly blurred the appearance of my pores, but I could definitely still notice them. I was a bit disappointing and I regret purchasing this. 

Fit Me Concealer: Around $6 This concealer is amazing! It's very affordable and gives amazing coverage to under-eye circles! I use this daily and it blends so easily!

Onto eyes!
Master Precise Liner: Around $7 This is very precise and gives a great winged look. It's very easy to use and lasts long too! 

Eye Studio Gel Liner: Around $10 This is amazing! It is so intensely black and is so creamy and smooth. It's very easy to apply with a thin brush and it last all day without fading and smudging! This is definitely one of my favorites from Maybelline!

Eye Studio Baked Shadow: Around $6 This is not a bad product but it's nothing special. It's fairly pigmented but doesn't last a super long time.

Single Shadow: Around $4 I didn't really like this product as it's not very pigmented and it doesn't last. It just doesn't do much for me.

Lastly, Lips!
Baby Lips: Around $4 These are another favorite of mine! They are so moisturizing and give a light splash of color. They last a while and smell great too!

Color Whisper: Around $8 This is also fairly moisturizing and has great color payoff! It gives off more color than Baby Lips but less than a lipstick.

That's all for my Maybelline Collection! I've also tried many of their mascara but I don't currently have any. I hope you enjoyed!
xx Ella

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