Monday, June 16, 2014

Tan For Less ~ My Affordable Self-Tanning Routine!

Hello everyone!
With summer coming up, I've been longing for some color to my skin. I have trouble sun-tanning, as I usually burn before I tan so I've resorted to fake tanning. I don't do anything crazy, but I do have a light and affordable tanning routine to share. I don't do this by a schedule, I just pop in it when I have the time. All of the products I use are drugstore and the combined cost of them all is only around $20-$25! That's less than the cost of 1 high end product! I hope this is helpful!

I like to switch it up but I usual gravitate towards my Jergens gradual tanner because it's easy!
I've got here a gradual tanner, a self-tanning lotion, and a bronzer. This is pretty much all I use to stay bronzed in the summer!

The Jergens is colorless and odorless which is great and mess free! For me, if I use it for 4 days in a row I start to notice a difference. It looks very natural and it gives just a slight deepness to your skin. It's also very moisturizing which is great!
Around $8-$10

The L'Oreal Sublime Bronze is a dark brown lotion with a ton of shimmer in it. It does have a strong scent but it fades. After 30 minutes of applying I notice a beautiful bronze glow to my skin. I only tan my legs .
Around $10

The NYC Sunny Bronzer is only $3 and gives a little color to your face. I'm too scared to self-tan my face so I only go as far as bronzer.


For self-tanning lotion:
I shave my legs the day before tanning so that the lotion doesn't seep into my pores as much.
I shower and exfoliate my legs with an exfoliating glove. I especially focus on the knees and ankles.
I let my skin completely dry and apply lotion to my knees and ankles to help prevent streaks. 
I apply the lotion to my  shins first, making sure to blend it in all the way and only applying a little bit on knees and ankles.
I then apply the lotion on my thighs, again blending it in completely.
Make sure to wash your hands really well after!
I also choose to wear shorts I don't care about so that I don't stain anything!
For gradual tanner:
This method is a little more laid back!
All I do is hop out of the shower and apply the lotion all over my legs, going lightly over knees and ankles.

That's about it! I do this every week or two and I'm not too picky about being tan in the summer!
Bye :)

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