Tuesday, June 24, 2014

25 Summer Bucket List Ideas ~ Summer 2014

Hey there!
With it being Summer and all, I thought it would be fitting to share my Summer "Bucket List" ideas. I don't really like the term "Bucket List" and it seems so common but I just want to share some fun Summer ideas and activities! I'm really hoping this will be a great Summer for me and everyone else! Enjoy!

1. Go to the beach
2. Go on a road trip
3. Do a stairs workout outside

4. Read a good book
5. Collect seashells
6. Have a waterfight

7. Take more photos
8. Try a new food
9. Get tanned

10. Eat home-grown strawberries
11. Make a scrapbook
12. Go to the spa

13. Go on a Ferris wheel
14. Take on a DIY project
15. Have a movie marathon

16. Explore somewhere new
17. Bake something new
18. Tie Dye a shirt

19. Eat healthier
20. Star Gaze
21. Start a Journal

22. Try a new style
23. Go to a fair
24. Retail therapy with friends

25. Enjoy the outdoors

Those are all of my summer bucket list ideas, what are yours? Thanks for reading!
Bye :)

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