Monday, April 20, 2015

Surviving Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning season is upon us and it can be super difficult to get motivated. I thought I'd share some tips on how make it a little more survivable. These definitely help me since I don't even really mind cleaning my room anymore. Hope it helps! :)

Throw away 1 thing a day
Start off small by only throwing out 1 thing per day. Choose an area of your room and pick something to get rid of (or donate of course!).

Devote 1 day to cleaning
I like to do this once in a while, usually on Sundays. I like to dedicate 1 whole day to cleaning. it makes me feel super productive. 

Play some music
I'm sure you all know this, but playing your favorite music helps the cleaning process a ton!

Fuel up
Make some fun snacks and don't forget to eat throughout the day! Sometimes when I clean for long periods of time, I kind of forget to eat which can really make you less energized.

Treat yourself
After you're done (or during) cleaning, have a treat or pamper yourself a bit. Do whatever makes you feel good!

Take breaks
This is majorly important! You need to take breaks, they are the perfect opportunity to treat yourself!

Make it fun
 If you love organizing, organize all of your stuff. Coordinate cleaning with something you enjoy.

Find a friend
 Ask a friend to hangout with you while you clean, it will make it a lot more fun and time won't pass as slowly.

Don't get distracted
 I often get distracted by little memories and what not. Try to put them aside to look at another time so that you don't end up getting distracted from cleaning.

Get comfy
Put your hair up and throw on some super comfy clothes to make it a little more enjoyable.

Make it therapeutic
It can be really therapeutic for me to take time to myself and clean. Taking time to yourself in general is quite therapeutic.

Keep your stuff close and your garbage closer
Okay, well that was cheesy... Anyways, keep a garbage can super close so you don't have to keep getting up and going to the trash. 

I hope this helps your spring cleaning go a little smoother!

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