Sunday, April 12, 2015

Beauty Tip: Perfect brows in 1/2 the time

I haven't done a Beauty Tip in quite a while and I figured it was long overdue! I've recently come up with a new way of doing my brows and I really enjoy it. I thought I'd share since it has saved me a little bit of time in getting ready. It's a super simple tip but I thought I'd share it anyways!

Instead of applying a tinted brow gel or creamy brow product and then applying a powder to set it, apply it all in 1 step! I like to dip my angled brush in the left side of the e.l.f. brow kit (tinted wax) and then dip it into my favorite eyeshadow shade for brows. This makes the brows more defined than just using  a powder but less harsh than using a wax and a powder separately.

Left: Just brow powder
Center: Just tinted wax
Right: Both mixed together

I hope this was helpful, enjoy your morning/day/night!

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