Friday, June 5, 2015

New at the drugstore ~ May/June 2015

I haven't don a "What's new at the drugstore" in quite a while so I figured it was well due. When I went to the drugstore I didn't find a ton of new stuff but I found a fair amount to share. I haven't tried any of this I'm just sharing what's new!

Hard Candy had some new polishes and palettes on display.

Looks like Rimmel has a new mascara with argan oil. I have never tried any Rimmel mascara, but this one looks interesting!

L'Oreals two nude palettes look fun! However they are quite pricey for drugstore!

Covergirl always seems to come out with new foundations. This time lipsticks and a primer came along too!

There is also a new Covergirl mascara claiming 400% volume.. hmm, sounds interesting!

And last but not least, L'Oreal released a new version of the miss manga mascara!

That's about all I found at the drugstore that was new.

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