Monday, June 22, 2015

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream

I'm finally down to the last review from the First Aid Beauty set. Today's post is all bout their Ultra Repair cream which I have loved since I first used it! I love the packaging on all of their products. This jar of cream is fairly large so I can see it lasting a while. It isn't very scented which is s good thing. Especially when you apply lotion all over your body, it can be way to overpowering if it's scented.
I have quite sensitive skin and this works really well with that.
This makes my skin so soft! It's a super thick body butter consistency and it applies so nicely. After a few minutes it soaks in. I usually use this after a shave my legs and it makes the world of difference. I don't really have a ton so say about this other than it's a really luxurious body cream that would be a great item to splurge on. This size retails for $37 CA which is really quite a lot, however once in a while it's a nice treat. 
I think the set I purchased this in was really a great opportunity since I honestly probably wouldn't spend nearly $40 on this. 


Packaging: 10/10
Price: 6/10
Hydration: 9/10
Scent: 9/10
Would I repurchase?: It's possible 
Would I recommend?: Yes, if you're willing to pay the price!
Overall: 9/10!

Have a great day :)

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