Saturday, June 13, 2015

DIY Starbucks Iced Tea Lemonades

Continuing on with the DIY Starbucks series, next up is recreating their iced tea lemonades. These are one of the easiest drinks to recreate and they're super delicious too! As you can see, I didn't have enough Starbucks cups to show. I'll be sharing recipes for 3 drinks. The green tea lemonade, passion tea lemonade, and black tea lemonade which I think is my favorite one!

Start the day before by brewing 1-2 cups of your desired tea. I used Tazo passion tea (I've seen it at Starbucks and the grocery store), Tazo china green tips tea, and just plain black tea. Brew it, let it cool, and refrigerate overnight.

When you're ready, shake the tea with equal parts lemonade and enjoy! 
If you have a real sweet tooth, you can add a bit of sugar or simple syrup but I find the lemonade sweetens them enough.

Enjoy :)

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