Monday, June 1, 2015

Drugstore essentials haul

So in the past few days, I realized I was almost out of a ton of stuff so I decided to make a trip to Walmart to stock up. I surprisingly found all that I needed and thought I'd share a little haul today! Happy June by the way, I can't believe it's nearly Summer!

I picked up some new shaving gel since I found a tropical scented one and I am a super sucker for tropical scents!
I needed a new body wash so I went for my favorite from last Summer, the Tone Mango Splash. It smells so good and lathers really nicely.
I've talked about Dove Dry Shampoo so much and really don't have much else to say other than it's my holy grail hair product!
I restocked on my Neutrogena Deep Clean face wash. I finally found a face wash I want to repurchase.
I love the taste of Colagte's Winter fresh toothpaste even thought it doesn't whiten or anything.
I picked up a new Rimmel face powder.
Since Costco's face wipes started having scent and irritating my eyes I had to branch out so I'm going to try these Nivea wipes. 

That's all that I picked up from Walmart.

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