Monday, February 23, 2015

Philosophy Sugar Plum Fairy ~ Review

I also received this shower gel as a Christmas gift! I haven't tried much from Philosophy but what i have tried, I've loved! I feel like Philosophy is such a unique brand with their scents, packaging and products! All their products are so fun and exciting. This shower gel (& bubble bath & shampoo!) was from their Holiday collection and it's gorgeous. 

Just look at the color of this! The appearance alone sold me 100%! the candy purple bursting with pink shimmer makes me feel like and 5 years old... And I'm not complaining. No worries with the color since it definitely does not stain my skin or my bathtub.

This product isn't just a shower gel but it's also a shampoo and bubble bath! I can't say I've used it as shampoo but I've definitely utilized the other uses. I don't usually love bathes however this created the most simple, perfect bubble bath! The scent isn't super powerful which I actually enjoy. It's a nice subtle, slightly spicy scent. It's not overpowering at all. I couldn't possibly describe this scent nor could I compare it to sugar plums so I'll just leave it to your imagination.
I'm nearly 3/4 done this bottle and I'm sad to see it go!. However I have definitely been enjoying it. I love using it as a shower gel. It lathers nicely and makes me feel squeaky clean! My favorite part by far is the sparkle party I have every time I lather up!
I am so grateful to have received this as a Christmas gift. It has definitely encouraged me to try some more from Philosophy. Overall, I'd rate this 9/10! Not quite 10/10 since I can't quite tell what I'm smelling.

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