Thursday, January 9, 2014

Urban Decay Deluxe Shadow Box Review!

I'm finally doing a review on my first Urban Decay makeup product!
I know I post mostly on drugstore products, but  wanted to step out a bit and share my opinions on some higher-end products as well! 
I actually showed this in my boxing day haul, check it out here!
Anyways, I got this at Sephora for only $12! I had never heard of it before, but I think it retails for $38 normally so I got it for a third of the price! 
The colors really caught my eye, there are some really unique colors in there. Most of them are colorful and fun, but the bottom row is full of neutrals perfect for everyday wear!
The packaging is extremely gorgeous, Definitely a 10/10 on that one! It has a purple velvet looking border, with a very unique silver, textured material on the front which catches the light beautifully.
It also comes with a mini primer potion which I've been wanted to try for ages!
It's not huge, but it's definitely enough to try it out to see if I want to buy the full size.
The palette has a fairly large mirror, which is useful when applying eyeshadow. It includes 9 shimmery eyeshadows and 2 sponge-tip applicators.
The 6 top colors are mostly fun, colorful shades, but you also get 3 fairly neutral colors down at the bottom.  You can create endless looks with this palette, although I didn't create any for this review today.
I could not seem to get a good swatch photo. The sun has been going down so early, I barely have any natural lighting to work with, so the photo isn't focused very well. :(
A few individual swatches.
I expected more pigmentation coming from Urban Decay. I've heard great things about their shadows and I was a little disappointed.  Some of the shades such as Peace, Honey, and Zero have great pigmentation, while other shades like Fishnet, Graffiti and Scratch aren't as great.
Some of the colors are a little difficult to see from the photo so I'll try my best to describe them:
Fishnet: A purple/pink with blue shimmer
Honey: A very unique golden yellow with gold shimmer
Ransom: Another unique color, almost an Indigo color with purple shimmer
Graffiti: Emerald green with lighter green shimmer
Zero: Looks black, appears charcoal-y, a black with specks of silver shimmer
Peace: A bright blue with lighter blue shimmer (one of my faves!)
Shag: A golden brown with gold shimmer
Scratch: A beautiful rose gold shadow with golden shimmer
Underground: A medium brown with brown and gold shimmer
Overall I think this palette IS worth it. Yes some of the shadows are not extremely pigmented, but the ones that are and the price make up for that!
I would definitely recommend this anyone who can get their hands on this, especially if you'd like to try Urban Decay for a little cheaper! ;)
I hope this helped, Bye!

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