Monday, January 27, 2014

Makeup shopping tips! (Avoid impulse buys!)

I often go to the drugstore with nothing in mind, and come out with tons of stuff I don't need, and will never use. I've recently used my own advice and to stop impulse buying, and start spending my money on things I actually want.  Here are my 8 tips for makeup shopping! I hope these help save you a little bit of money and make better decisions. 
1. Don't be afraid to do some research before you head out!
I usually like to do my research before I purchase a product. I like to make sure I'm not buying something I'm not going to like, or something that won't work for me. Sometimes foundations work for certain skin types, or lip colors compliment certain skin tones. Read some reviews before you buy.  
2. Don't buy doubles
If you already have a red lipstick that you like, don't buy another red lipstick! If a brand has come out with a new formula or collection that you "must try", try to choose colors that you don't already have at home.
3. Take some time to think before you add things to your cart 
Ask yourself if you'll be happy you bought it this time next week. Think about if you will really use it.
4. Find coupons!
You don't have to be an extreme coupon-er to use coupons. Cut out or print some coupons that you could use and don't be embarrassed to use them!
5. Compare Brands!
Check out your weekly flyers and see which brand has the best offer. Whether it's 20% off or buy 1 get 1 free, you decide what the best deal is. 
6. Take advantage of testers!
If you're lucky enough to find a drugstore that offers testers of the products, use them! Test them out for color matching, formula, and application. This is a great way to sample the product before you buy. 
7. Don't let a sales associate talk you into something you don't want
It's their job to get you to buy their products, it won't hurt their feelings if you say no. If you don't want to buy the item they've suggested, just politely decline. 
8. Only bring the amount of $$$ you're willing to spend
Don't bring your credit card, or savings in cash. Just pull aside the amount of money you're willing to send, and only bring that! That way it's impossible to go over budget. 
I hope those 8 tips helped! Good luck shopping =)

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