Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Easy Organization!

Hey Guys!
I'm in love with organizing! I'm constantly re-organizing my bedroom and bathroom and playing around with the set up and storage of everything.  I wouldn't call these "DIY' but they are very inexpensive. Most of these things can be found at the dollar store, and places like Walmart and Target or even at home!
After endless searching on Pinterest, I came across many photos of organizing with cupcake trays and thought it was a great idea. I picked up a 3 tier metal cupcake tray from a home store and it looks great. I didn't choose the most practical tray, due to the bottom of each tier not being flat, but it works fairly well. I use this to store perfumes, lotions, hand sanitizers and a few other little things. 
I love this idea for storing earrings! I picked up an ice cube tray from the dollar store and it works perfectly. I put 1 or 2 pairs of studs in each section and it really helps me to find the pair I'm looking for.
 I find it really convenient to keep chargers and headphones in this little sundae-type bowl just from a grocery store. It's just super easy to grab and go and it keeps the mess contained.
I love this ring organizer from Target! It's really cute and it was only $1.
And lastly, I keep my bobby pins in a little candy tray from Target, also only $1! Again, super easy to grab and go :)

I hope this helped and maybe gave your some inspiration for organizing, Bye!

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