Thursday, May 2, 2013

The perfect eyeliner!

Sorry for not posting yesterday. I was tired and I completely forgot!
Anyways, today I was looking at my eyeliners and I noticed I have a few different types. I don't have many eyeliners because I don't wear it often, but the ones I do have are all different. 
So here they are.
 I chose 4 slightly different liners.

 Starting with pencil liners. Pencil liners have many pros and cons. They're great for tight lining and lining your waterline, but i find them tricky to use when trying to line my upper lash-line. I have trouble getting the line close to my lashes. 

Pencil eyeliners can be great for smudging out for a more natural, less harsh look. Brown eyeliner can also add a more natural touch, especially on blondes.

There are a few types of liquid liner. I've never tried gel liner but I do have felt tip and just regular liquid liner. I personally think The felt tip is easier to use. I have more control and I gives a more precise liner.

I'm still experimenting with eyeliners and I'm definitely no expert, but these are my opinions on the different types of eyeliners.
Bye, xx

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