Thursday, May 16, 2013

Affordable nail polish dupes

Hey guys!
So I was looking through my nail polishes and I found a couple Sally Hansen dupes for Essie!
You can tell they aren't "exact" dupes but they are very similar.
The first pair are a red toned coral that is very bright. The Essie polish is the slightest bit darker.
Sally Hansen: Mighty Mango
Essie: Come Here!
As you can see the swatches are very similar. The Sally Hansen polish is on the left and the Essie on the right. (please ignore the other swatches)
Sally Hansen is about $2 at most drugstores and Essie is about $7-10.
My flash made these colors appear more grey. they're actually a lavender color.
Sally Hansen: No Hard Feelings
Essie: Under Where?
Again, the Sally polish is on the right, Essie on the left.
This time the Sally polish is the slightest bit darker than Essie.
As for comparison on formula, Essie is a bit more creamy and the Sally Hansen feels thinner. 
I needed 1-2 coats for Essie and 1-3 for Sally Hansen.

That's it for today, I apologize for not posting everyday.
I was thinking of maybe adding some organizational posts and maybe even some smoothie recipes. Let me know what you think, and if you think  I should stick to Beauty, Thanks!

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