Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Target Haul

 So today I went to Target for the first time which was amazing! There were lot's of new things I'd never seen before. I filled my basket and already can't wait to go back. 
It's a bit of a longer post today due to the pictures.

 Here's most of the stuff I bought. I also bought some clothes but I might do a different post on that.
Here's and overview of what I got.
The skincare items I purchased
From left to right: Simple eye makeup remover, St. Ives fresh skin apricot exfoliating scrub, Clean & Clear cream cleanser, Simple cleansing face wipes.
Left to right: Covergirl BB cream, TRESemme strengthening dry shampoo, Dove deodorant, up&up shave gel, Sonia Kashuk  limited edition kabuki
Close up of BB cream
I needed a new BB cream and I chose this covergirl one. It was around $8.
The only thing I dislike that I didn't realize when I bought it, is that it doesn't have SPF which is important during the warm months.
I got the sonia kashuk brush couture kabuki. The main reason I went to target was to check out sonia kashuk. I like the pattern and I believe this brush is limited edition.
close up on pattern
That's all for today, I'm not sure if I'll make a post on the clothing or not.

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