Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My bag essentials

 Hello! Sorry for the lack of posts.
Today I'm doing a what's in my bag!
I never really use the same bag, I'm always back and forth. I need a new bag anyways so that's why the bag isn't shown.
If I have a large bag I do like to fill it with unnecessary things, but I usually just bring a small one and this is what I'd pack.
Here I have my wallet, sunglasses, paper, Kleenex, and a few makeup products.
My sunglasses are from target and I just have a bath and body works tangerine hand sanitizer. I love bringing hand sanitizer in case I eat or just need clean hands. And of course, my sunglasses are in case the sun is in my eyes, or just to hide my face!
I have this little paper and pen set in case I need to write a list or remember something, and I have tissues for the obvious.
I don't like keeping too much makeup in my bag because I don't find myself touching up very often. All I keep are a few lip products and concealer. I have here and eos lip balm, nyx gloss, covergirl concealer, and L'Oreal color riche balm.
That concludes my bag essentials!
Sorry for the change of backgrounds. I am still experimenting with what I like best. I was also playing with the lighting in these photos.

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